December 1, 2010

Sling Creative Delivers Transition Strategy

In early 2011, Town & Country Support Services, Midwestern Adult Day Services, and Stratford Meals On Wheels and Neighbourly Services are amalgamating as One Care Home and Community Support Services .

The three originating agencies have been a part of their communities for approximately 40 years. During that time, they’ve laid deep roots, built significant community value, and have earned substantial good will.  As such, it’s incumbent on One Care that that their narratives be respected and transferred to the new agency with as much care and sensitivity as possible.  A sudden disappearance of the originating agencies without the attendant transference of loyalty and goodwill would signify a real loss for many constituents, along with a loss of opportunity for One Care itself.

To that end, One Care retained Trevor Paetkau,  Sling Creative’s Director of Client Services to author a communication’s strategy that would ensure that:

a/ all constituent audiences emerge from the amalgamation with a clear understanding of the new agency;
b/ the good will attached to the originating partners be transferred to the new agency;
c/ the new agency is properly positioned to take advantage of the awareness gained by its audiences through the amalgamation process.

As a consequence of Trevor Paetkau’s report, One Care and its founding agencies are now in the exciting position of creating a brand new story.  From a communications perspective, the next 6 months will lay down a foundation upon which a future narrative will be written.  The messaging and visual identity chosen will inform how audiences perceive the organization not just in the moment, but a generation from now.


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