Trevor Paetkau – Director, Client Services

Trevor Paetkau brings to the table a unique ability to combine content strategies with a strong sense of narrative. His capacity to develop and deploy rigorously thought-out communications approaches, while at the same time understanding how “we” understand a story, has lead to successes in both the corporate and creative fields.

Starting in the advertising business, Trevor was lured by the film industry and, from there, into editorial where he wrote for the likes of The Saturday Review, National Writers’ Registry and the Agency for Canadian Advertising and Promotion. Subsequently, he began to independently offer his expertise to firms requiring his communications advice and content services.

His alliance with Sling Creative comes after a recent move to the nation’s theatre town, replete with old house, high ceilings, creaky floors, a bedroom for each kid and commitment to reverse the commute. “We’re going to alienate people for sure… aligning professional output with personal values can be a challenge in this business… at the end of the day, though, I’d rather lose a client than sell my kids down the river.”

Ron Bernard – Director, Design

For the last 15 years Ron has produced effective visual communications that in each case utilizes unique approaches to problem solving. He has conceived, developed and overseen production critical paths and art directed all manner of high end trans-national, regional and municipal projects.

His particular expertise is demonstrating big city/big attitude creative skills in an evolving, sophisticated small town marketplace.

Sling Creative comes after years of independent practice and promises “an opportunity to expand on the work we’ve being doing regionally, to larger organizations with the sorts of mandates that align with with those values we’ve been espousing for the last decade. This organization is about more than selling shit, it’s about selling the right shit.”

Keith Waldron – Director, Web Services

Long before aligning with the Sling Creative Alliance, Keith Waldron (President and Project Architect for IT Outfitters) has been recognized as a leader in the information technology business, delivering digital information services to small to medium enterprises since 1994.

His passion, enthusiasm, and focus on business needs has allowed him the opportunity to become a key ally and trusted advisor to clients, locally and worldwide. Keith and his Digital Services team provide end-to-end solutions, from project architecture and management, to custom programming.

“Sling provides an opportunity to develop projects in an integrated environment… what’s possible isn’t always worth doing and what’s worth doing isn’t always obvious. Sling is engaged in that conversation, we want to figure it out, not just for ourselves and for our kids, but with our clients and our community… what we do has impact and as a consequence there’s a duty every day to get it right…”