November 23, 2010

More to Offer, More to Give

On November 23rd, One Care’s board unanimously approved Sling Creative’s key messaging recommendations.

During our consultations we were presented with two primary messages.  The first, from volunteers, was the perception that through their volunteer efforts they belonged to something larger than themselves and the people they were helping.  Emotive words like “hugs, laughter, celebration, relationships, family and community” were at the core of their responses. Staff, on the other hand, were less likely to engage in emotive language and were more likely to speak of the services offered and efficiencies to be gained by the amalgamation.

This set up a recognizable tension between the language spoken by the organization and that of the community it soughtto engage.  It became evident that the service providers and recipients of the service (clients and volunteers) were speaking different languages and if the messaging were to speak to both audiences we would need to develop a framework / brand statement that could be specific OR emotive as required, AND hopefully both at the same time.  Supported by Sling Creative’s Strategic Director, Trevor Paetkau, branding lead, David Hicks developed two solutions, one of which quickly became the favoured choice:


On the left hand, MORE TO OFFER, allows us to speak to WHAT the capacity of the new organization is.  On the right hand, MORE TO GIVE, speaks to HOW the organization delivers services.

In the transitional period, the MORE TO OFFER, MORE TO GIVE signals a change.  It acknowledges that there was a past and focuses on the idea that there is much to be gained.  At the same time, it’s a positive statement; we infer from it that those things we valued in the past will remain, while stating at the same time that there is more … on one hand a greater array of services, on the other hand, more heart, more caring  …

As ONE CARE emerges from the transition, MORE TO OFFER, MORE TO GIVE will reference the organization’s competitive differentiation.  Recruiting campaigns, fund-raising initiatives, and public awareness campaigns anchored in the message start from a position of strength.  While the following suggestions are somewhat clumsy and would benefit greatly from the services of a good copywriter, the inferences should be clear:

Work for ONE CARE, we have MORE TO OFFER
ONE CARE’s staff have MORE TO GIVE
Support ONE CARE with your donation, we have MORE TO OFFER, MORE TO GIVE
Trust us with your father’s care, we always have MORE TO GIVE
If you have MORE TO GIVE, volunteer with us; we have MORE TO OFFER
Refer your patients to ONE CARE, we have MORE TO OFFER

As well as having the flexibility to address a variety of messaging needs, the slogan works equally well across all media.  Branded radio spots, display booths, brochures, direct response mail campaigns, email signature etc … can all comfortably include the tag.


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