Way More Than Cheese A Social Movement
Monforte Dairy Renaissance 2010


RUTH KLAHSEN IS A VISIONARY. When she was turfed from her production facility two years ago she rolled up her sleeves and gathered a brain trust around her to come up with a way to keep making the cheese that chefs across the nation had begun to describe as the best they'd ever tasted.

The solution was a Community Supported Agriculture Initiative, an idea that stoked the creative juices of a whole cadre of local heroes. Micro finance, social media, PR and an explosion of locavores were inspired by the collaboration.

For Sling's part, our Creative Director Ron Bernard built a suite of print, digital and ad vehicles that drove the most visible CSA in the nation. Teresa, produced a rock solid back end and Keith architected the information infrastructure that would enable the earned and social media campaigns to take off like rockets. It's a change in the way the world works and it's one we're proud to be a part of.